No Hat, No Play !

Optimo Hats, Panorama Hats, Suncaps & Pharoah Veils
Sunveil Sunwear©
Sunveil is UNISEX sized. Our apparel is generously cut, and is meant to be worn with a relaxed, loose fit. Because the UVA & UVB inhibitors are actually a component of the fabric; the sun-blocking effectiveness will "Never Wear Off!" - even when using the strongest detergents in the wash. And, as we've become famous for, our 30 minutes (or less!) drip-dry apparel* doesn't require pressing. [*Handwashing is recommended.]

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601 Palm Thong604 Arm Guard611 Sarong
629 Shadorak Jacket631 Eclipse Shirt632 Sunolo Shirt
633 Sunvalley Coverup634 Longbeach Coverup641 Corona Jacket
642 Sunbreaker Jacket643 Suncheater Jacket651 Pharoah Veil
652 Suncap653 Optimo Hat654 Panorama Hat
655 Sun Visor661 Child Jacket662 Child Pants

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